Episode Description:

In this episode, Tiffany meets to talk with Nia Patterson (@thefriendineverwanted) about what recovery has been like for her in a fat, marginalized body. She tells us about the discrimination she received in treatment and how her treatment team encouraged her to maintain a downward trending weight. She talks about how she overcomes those internalized thoughts and also attacks from trolls online. We also discuss body positivity and how it differs from self-love and positive body image. Nia also lays out some action steps for those of us wanting to challenge your internalized fatphobia and society's diet culture. 


Nia Patterson:
Nia is an eating disorder recovery and mental health advocate. She has spent much of the past 3 years documenting her recovery from Bulimia, OCD, PTSD, and Bipolar Disorder on Instagram and her blog. It is her personal goal to become a therapist and work with people with eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. She posts on Instagram @thefriendineverwanted and blogs at thefriendineverwanted.com She has also started a brand new podcast called Body Trauma which you can find online at bodytraumapod.com You can also find Nia’s body positive and self care artwork in her amazing indie shop, Self Love Tool Chest at www.selflovetoolchest.com
You can directly support Nia by venmoing her @niapatterson
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