Your Body Is No More Or Less Valuable Based On Its Size, Abilities, Or Age

I propose your body is no more or less valuable based on its size, abilities, or age. I propose your body is no more valuable if it’s “healthy.” Have you ever considered your shape, size, movement, weight, blood pressure, height, shoe size, bone density, stride (etc.) aren’t what determine your worthiness and purpose in life?

I want you to build respect for your body. Build trust and work towards acceptance. This is not meant to make your body the focus. It’s not aiming to value your body because of how it looks. I’m saying, make peace...period. Accept. Find peace. Know your worth and accept yourself; body and all. You are not your body and you sure as hell aren’t defined by it. Changing your body doesn’t create true self-worth!

So, today, try on “I’m so proud of my body” Sit with the thoughts and feelings that come up —> because that’s always the bottom line. If you’d like more, grab my body image course where I break down building body respect, trust, acceptance, and love!Want more?

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T. Roe