You Don't Have To Be In Love With Your Body

Hey friend. You don’t have to be in love with your body. Build body respect and body neutrality over an appearance focused identity.

I’m all for having mad love for your body. It’s far better than LOATHING it. However, watch out for “body love” turning into a new perfectionistic to-do list. Watch out for your body still being a focus of self-worth, focus of appearance as value, and a distraction from your purpose and calling.

Someone recently asked me about body neutrality. It’s part of body image work that I do with my clients. We work to develop neutrality about our body - not love or hate; not obsession or fixation; not value or worth based on body. Rather, we respect it and foster a more neutral relationship beyond focusing on it (like our culture wants us to).

Body image is ongoing compassionate work. You get to pick your body image path, like all other facets of your wellness. I like body neutrality, respect, trust, appreciation, and practicing loving kindness. (Remember; “body positivity” is actually a social justice movement from the 1960’s created for marginalized and oppressed people and bodies to empower THEM. It was never aimed to turn into a hashtag focused on thin white women on Instagram posing in bathing suits.)

Some of my fav body image specialist friends are @bodyimage_therapist &  @beauty_redefined . Who do you get body image inspo from?
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