7 Reasons to Exercise Besides Weight Loss:

  • Mental Health

  • Energy

  • Better Sleep

  • To Feel Good

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • To Build Strength

  • To Have Fun!

Don’t let diet culture hijack exercise from your mental health repertoire! You can exercise for so many reasons and reap the benefits without focusing on weight. There’s nothing inherently wrong with weight loss, but focusing on that alone with diet cultures pressures, empty promises, and oppressive messaging sets us up to yo-yo and miss the intuitive connection to movement we all deserve. Hashtag #dietculture

What’s your why for exercising?

Also, if you’re in eating disorder recovery, have a medical condition, are sick, you may need to have a break from exercise in order to be healthy and safe. Make sure to work with your treatment and medical team to know how to find that balance with your movement and recovery

Therapy and tacos for all,