Let's Destigmatize Infertility Y'all

Howdy, I’m doing IVF (in vitro fertilization) again with my boo @heymrroe 🤙. We’ve decided to share this process with y’all. 🧫🦠🧬

1) I have a platform and want to demystify and destigmatize infertility. For many, they are unable to conceive even with the help of assisted reproductive technology. 1 in 8 couples deals with infertility and it’s equally divided between men and women. Both me and Mr. Roe have factors that lead to our infertility.

2) I want to normalize struggles in a culture that is hyper focused on fake perfectionism. I’m a successful business owner, therapist, and I need a petri dish and lasers to help me grow my family. No shame in that. It’s not a choice to have endometriosis or infertility. I want to shine light on this medical issue and teach ways to support those dealing with infertility.

3) I wanna empower women who want more or want to do things that may be scary. Wanna have a career? Wanna try to have a family? Want something else? Be true to your calling and purpose. Let’s drop the comparison game.

4) The social clock puts a lot of pressure on us to hit milestones by a certain age. I turn 36 next month and I’m doing what works for me. What’s right, is what is right for you! Many folks want to have kids and can’t. I just want to spread compassion for folks wherever they are in their journey. It’s hard for everyone. Here’s permission to get your own back.

Whether this round of IVF works or not, we’re just grateful to have the opportunity to try. We also feel in a good enough place mentally to share here regardless of the outcome. IVF ain’t easy, but easy is overrated. It’s not convenient, but most things that pay off aren’t. Here for it. Excited to show you the process and hopefully remove more of the weird stigma around this medical issue that impacts mental health. I’ll share more about that and the facts as we move forward 🧫.

PS check out the infertility episode on my podcast Therapy Thoughts for a general education on infertility!

Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe