I'm Anti Diet Culture, Not People Who Diet

It’s really simple.

Dieting is the leading risk factor for eating disorder development.

Eating disorders are second only to opioid dependence for mortality rates. Meaning around 20% of those diagnosed die from the disease.

And I wish good intentions, a focus on health and wellness, or whatever “lifestyle” ideas we’ve absorbed would guarantee protection from the risks of dieting. But with a 25% chance of getting the 2nd most deadly mental diagnosis... we can’t ignore diet culture. Some folks pull it off (tho we can argue, disordered eating)... I didn’t. And my intention wasn’t ever to develop an ED, I “just wanted to lose some weight.”

People who diet are impacted by diet culture, but being on a diet isn’t “diet culture.” “Culture” is a system of beliefs, rituals, practices, etc. So, being on a diet is part of the cultural norms. There’s a lot more to it... including oppression of larger bodies, discrimination against size diversity, moralizing food, stereotyping, misinformation around health, size being synonymous with health narrative... on and on.

So I educate, I’m an educator. You do you! I don’t even come close to talking only about Intuitive eating, diet culture, or eating disorders. Mental health and getting peace with mind body and food is a holistic process and I’m taking all that on. Stay tuned for more #therapythoughts

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