Healing Body Shame

Let me take our self-compassion convo to the next level y’all.

Do you hate your body and not trust food?

A lot of you will say yes, and we have been socialized to say so. I’m passionate about helping those experiencing distress due to body and food disconnect a little hope.

Have you considered that nothing is wrong with your body or the foods you want? Have you examined the role of shame (Shame says I am bad, defective, broken, malfunctioning) in your lack of self-trust? Have you noticed the role fat-phobia and stigma play in your perception of your body and relationship with food? Have you considered you were born an intuitive eater with a miraculous body, but then were taught to ignore that intuition and distrust the body?

Lots to think about - about a year worth of therapy to be exact. So, wanna build body trust and heal your relationship with food? Lemme give you two objectives I give every client in my office (I’ve done this with thousands of people and it works).

1) Positive body affirmations.
2) Give yourself unconditional permission to eat food.

Therapy thoughts give a glimpse Into the process - but imagine a therapy session with custom, specific, focused feedback .

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Tacos and therapy for all,

T. Roe