Here are some therapy thoughts on coping with emotional rollercoasters, not that I’ve been on one... #itme

Lay down and ask the buzzing in your body what it needs. When you feel the stress, the worry, the hustle, or the fear, pause and ask what’s up. Listen.

Journal. Journal everything. Uncensored writing. Write all the dark stuff and burn it. Write all the affirmations, gratitudes, manifesting, goals, and intentions. Get it out.

Meditate. 1 minute or 20, just treat meditation like food and water when you’re riding a big emotional wave.

Connect to nature. Doesn’t need to be major. Kick off your shoes and walk on the grass. Stare longingly at a leaf. Admire the fall sunsets.

Mindfulness. Right now, right here, just notice and observe using your 5 senses and take in this moment. Then the next moment. Feel the steering wheel. Notice the cool breeze. Smell the morning coffee. Hear the bass in your headphones. Taste the tacos.

Watch that self talk. Soften, be aware, accept, and redirect harshness. Self compassion but also get your own back with a little cheerleading.

Emotional Seasons come and go and so much is out of our control - the practice of staying present and engaged with emotional experiences is the name of the game. Remember, if we don’t give our emotions space, they will make space.


Therapy and tacos for all,