Anxiety Is The Finger Trap Toy Of Emotion

Remember those things? The most effective response to anxiety is the same paradoxical response to the woven bamboo cylinder toy. It is paradoxical because it goes against logic. 🧐

When you put on the Chinese finger trap and try to remove your fingers, the cuffs just get tighter (remember - this is an anxiety analogy ). The more you tug and panic- the tighter the cuffs will get.

To remove your fingers you need to push the bamboo together again - not pull them apart (our fight/ flight response is natural - so we’re just doing what a mammal would do - escape danger!).

Listen tho - just because you have anxiety doesn’t mean you’re in danger! The best way to get through it is to ACCEPT - RELAX - RIDE IT OUT . Give up the struggle. It only makes is worse. Mindfulness is key - accept this moment without judgment - IT IS OK TO FEEL ANXIETY. This emotion is valid. It is safe to feel anxiety . A panic attack will not stop your heart or make your lungs collapse. Promise. 🤞

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