💌 This is the perfect Valentines gift

Self-talk has the power to rewire our brains!

As a Licensed Clinical Therapist on a mission to deliver real therapeutic tools & skills to people passionate about healing, I’ve seen the power of self talk transform tens of thousands of peoples lives!

Neuroplasticity, refers to the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. With effort, repetition, and consistency; you can SPEAK kindly, FEEL empowered, SHOW self-love, CHANGE your brain, and OWN your mental wellness.These cards will help you and your loved ones improve self image, self love and self compassion .

I also wanted to make sure that you have the perfect and thoughtful gift for you and your loved ones. 💝

Let's meet our stressors with equal mental health coping skills and tools; this deck bundled with the emotional regulation course can help you do it. The magic pill is FEELING emotions. We can’t numb out the uncomfortable and expect to just feel happiness. The range of emotions must be embraced. When we try to suppress (which is culturally encouraged so no shame my friends) the emotions don’t disappear! They just simmer. They stay alive. They grow. They manifest. They take a toll on our bodies and escalate to disorder.