• Do you feel your emotions control you? Do you want to use coping skills but fail to stay consistent? Are you stuck not feeling confident or empowered because your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors keep taking over? The coping skills bundle is a powerful duo that will transform your ability to tolerate stress and cope. This bundle is skills based to help you learn to RESPOND instead of REACTING from old patterns. 

  • The coping skills deck gives you 52 cards with therapist approved coping skills to help you practice daily tools, strategies, & exercises to regulate your nervous system, manage distress, & find safety & calmness in mind & body.

  • The emotional regulation course goes deep into psychology supported skills to identify how your thoughts, feelings, & behaviors are connected; empowering you to change your conditioning. You can really change your behaviors through this deeper exploration.

  • Combining the course & deck give you education, exploration of your unique patterns, a workbook to work on managing your emotions, and you get the 52 cards in the deck for daily practice!